Photography Workshops

Upcoming Photography Workshops

Creative Photography Techniques & Lighting Workshop Sept. 21

Peter Gubernat

Peter Gubernat

In this workshop you’ll learn how to light a model in a studio setting as well as outdoors and how different modifiers affect light.  We’ll talk about best practices and why in some cases I do things differently.  You’ll walk away with concrete images that will grow your portfolio.  Most importantly, you’ll understand why they are better images and how to achieve the same result consistently.




Environmental Portraiture – October 4, 10 am – 4 pm


Environmental portrait is really a “gift received” from your subject, not a picture “taken”” by the photographer. In this class we will examine the various types of natural light and ways to modify it to express your feeling of the moment.

More importantly we will discuss ways to approach people with respect and honesty, to earn their trust and be receptive to the glimpses inside their hearts and soul. The gift.

Photographer Ellen Brault will offer a special presentation on “A woman’s Vision” and review her work from India. For those interested in learning or refining their approach to environmental portraits, please join us for a fun day.

Architecture Photography - October 11, 10 am – 4 pm


This intensive architecture photography class will introduce the photographer to equipment and processes that are particular to architectural and landscape photography. Some of the processes we’ll look at in this photography class include building interiors and exteriors.

The students will learn about Post processing and image manipulation, which is important in architectural photography. This will be a hands-on shooting time so bring your camera and tripod! Students will also get the opportunity to participate in a critique and get feedback on their photographs.







F-Stops and L Stops: A Documentary Photography Project/Workshop - October 11, 18 & 25,  10 am – 5 pm

CTA_Class_webRide the Red Line with CPC! Spend three Saturday afternoons exploring and documenting the grit and the glory of the CTA’s north/south route: stations, underpinnings, riders, neighbors, views from the cars and more. This class is a tasty concoction of photojournalism, street photography and architecture. The final project will be presented in Internet slide shows. Classes meet at CPC at 1pm on October 11, 18, 25, and end at CPC around 5pm. 





One Day Table-Top Photography Workshop: How to Do it Yourself at Home – November 8, 10am – 4 pm

TableTop02_webUsing  simple, easily found materials you have at home (tables, pots/pans, aluminum foil, packing material, etc.), you can shoot high quality, pro-style, table-top shots of food, products, household goods, still-lifes, etc. These can be for insurance purposes, artistic work or to create eye-catching images to sell items on services like Ebay.  In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn to create pleasing compositions; gain an understanding of using f-stops to control depth of field; and how to use four basic lighting positions (front, top, back and side). You’ll also learn how to control lens flare and make your own backdrops with spray paint, markers, colored and textured paper, cardboard, and much more.

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